Welcome to the TTUHSC International Programs for Students Reflection Guide. The International Programs Reflection Guide was developed to enhance students’ learning experience throughout an international immersion or study abroad program by:

  • Encouraging greater presence and thoughtful exploration of the emotions that surface during a cultural immersion experience,
  • Providing space to contemplate one’s role as a global citizen and the responsibility that comes with global citizenship,
  • Developing a fact-based worldview,
  • Examining one’s personal preferences and values alongside the values and preferences of the host community,
  • Exploring the complicated history of global health in an effort to reframe global health efforts toward their true goal of greater health equity, and
  • Applying the learning to future practice as a healthcare professional.

Please install the guide prior to your international program. To access the Guide, click the International Programs for Students Refelction Guide Link provided below, then navigate to the "☰" in the upper left corner of the screen and select Tips.The Tips section provides more detailed instructions for installing and using the Guide as well as information about saving the Guide at the conclusion of your International program.

Please note, offline mode works only on Android devices. For IOS devices, please DO NOT close the browser after installing the Guide.

International Programs for Students Reflection Guide